Epona Downs

Professional services for the benefit of the Horse

Welcome to Epona Downs

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Situated in quiet Okuku, at the foothills of the southern alps, Epona Downs sits on the last flat aspect prior to the hill country. Epona Downs Limited, established by Gemma Sigglekow, has been developed to offer professional services to horse owners throughout the South Island of New Zealand.

Here for the benefit of the horse. Our services are based on a classical teaching approach that focuses on the international FEI scale of training: starting, relaxing and re-educating, relationship building with the rider, and rider advancement.

Over the past two years , Gemma has been developing a fully holistic professional service that benefits the horse and rider and is now excited to be able to offer the following additional services:

  • Certified WOW saddle fitting, refitting and saddle repair
  • NZ retailer of the Monty Roberts product line of Dually Halters
  • Retailer of Technyflex supplement for horses, dogs, cats and humans

"Through experience we have found the best possible products that compliment our business, and we believe in the products we stock. WOW saddles offer both horse and rider the best platform for success, Monty Roberts Dually halters an essential tool and of course keep the team sound using Technyflex joint supplements."


Gemma works to the unique needs of each individual horse and rider, personalised recommendations are developed utilising 25 years experience in the equestrian industry.
















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